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Guardh Laundry Bleach Tablets Pack of 40 Tablets

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Guardh Bleach Tablets

GuardH  Bleach Tablets – 40 Count. Bleach for Laundry and Multipurpose Cleaning

About the product
  • 25% extra bleach tablets compared to other leading brands
  • Multipurpose bleach cleaner – Laundry, Bathroom floor/tiles, Toilet, and general-purpose cleaning
Bleach Tablets

Flexible use:

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Adds brightness to whites !

Clean, shine and save your white laundry with these easy to use and fast dissolving tablets.

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Effective Cleaning:

It helps clean, sparkle and removes odor

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Flexible use-put in a spray bottle:

Dissolve tablets in a spray bottle filled with water, and you have a bleach cleaner!

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Multipurpose use:

Clean bathroom, toilet seat, bathtubs, floor/tiles, and other surfacesat places where you need cleanliness, shine and hygiene including home, hotel and hospitals.

For laundry use (only for white clothes):

Use one tablet for a single load of white clothes of bleach. Use two tablets for heavy and dirty loads. Drop a tablet in the washer before starting the cycle and wait for the tablet to dissolve first. Alternatively, dissolve one tablet in 3/4th cup of water and put this solution in your washing machine dispenser, then press the start button on adding clothes.

For cleaning the washing machine, the bathroom floor/tiles & bathtubs:

Put 2 tablets in the dispenser/washer without any clothes in the machine start the cycle on a hot water mode. Use the solution for mopping the floor and cleaning the stains on the tiles and bathtub.

For cleaning the toilet seat:

Drop the tablet in the flush tank and wait for 2 minutes to dissolve , then flush for removing bad odor. In case of tough stain removal-drop a tablet in the toilet pot and wait for few minutes. Clean the pot with a brush and soap if needed for removing stains. Flush before use and before cleaning the pot. We take the quality of our products seriously.

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3 reviews for Guardh Laundry Bleach Tablets Pack of 40 Tablets

  1. Tanu


    I love these bleach tablets. Where have they been my whole life? I hate dealing with liquid bleach. These tablets make my life so much easier. They do their job very well (stain removing and deodorizing) without the mess of the liquid version. I have already bought two bottles of these to have on hand. My most recent use of them was putting my lace curtains through a bleach wash and they came out fresh and beautifully white! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I will continue to buy these forever, considering the price is so reasonable and they work so effectively.

    1 product
  2. hemant m joshi

    Great find!

    Great product. Would recommend!

    hemant m joshi
    1 product
  3. Nadiya

    Love these tablets

    For convenience and ease of use this is a great product. I bought this mainly to drop a table in my toilet bowl to keep it fresh smelling and clean. It works great. I have arthritis in my hands and trying to use liquid bleach products can get rather messy, but these tablets prevent me from spilling or putting in to much. It would be nice if the bottle had a wider mouth, but it won’t stop me from buying again (which I already have).

    1 product
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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.