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Ef-Chlor Underground Water Tank Purification Tablets, NaDCC 40gm For 7500 Liters


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How to Purify An Underground Water Tank at Home?

Have you thought about it, which is the best option for underground water tank purification tablets in the world and how to purify an underground water tank at home? Don’t worry ef-chlor is the world’s leading and well known brand for underground tank purify tablets in India.

It is extremely important that people consume fresh and pure water daily. Ef-chlor water purification tablets give you guaranteed safe and pure water every day.

Ef-Chlor, Overhead, and Underground Water Tank Purification  And Disinfection Tablets Kills 99.99% Bacteria and Viruses from the water, 1 Tablet purifies 7500 –  L water – Jar of 25 Tablets

Ef-Chlor NaDCC 40gm Water Purification Tablets For Large Tanks

Ef-chlor is a well known brand of water purification tablets for large tanks. It’s the most preferable and best seller chlorine tablet for water tank purification and sterilization. Having multiple applications such as all types of small to large water tanks at housing societies, flats/apartments, commercial offices, hospitals, industries etc.

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