Bleach Tablets

A few people know about how to use bleach tablets for multipurpose cleaners. You can buy the best multipurpose cleaning tablets, dissolve quickly & can be used to clean home, kitchen, bathrooms, all purpose cleaning tablets to hotel, hospital or industries.

Guardh Bleach Tablets
Bleach Tablets

Flexible use:

sterinol hand sanitizer

Adds brightness to whites !

Clean, shine and save your white laundry with these easy to use and fast dissolving tablets.

ef chlor surface disinfection

Effective Cleaning:

It helps clean, sparkle and removes odor

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Flexible use-put in a spray bottle:

Dissolve tablets in a spray bottle filled with water, and you have a bleach cleaner!

ef chlor

Multipurpose use:

Clean bathroom, toilet seat, bathtubs, floor/tiles, and other surfacesat places where you need cleanliness, shine and hygiene including home, hotel and hospitals.

For laundry use (only for white clothes):

Use one tablet for a single load of white clothes of bleach. Use two tablets for heavy and dirty loads. Drop a tablet in the washer before starting the cycle and wait for the tablet to dissolve first. Alternatively, dissolve one tablet in 3/4th cup of water and put this solution in your washing machine dispenser, then press the start button on adding clothes.

For cleaning the washing machine, the bathroom floor/tiles & bathtubs:

Put 2 tablets in the dispenser/washer without any clothes in the machine start the cycle on a hot water mode. Use the solution for mopping the floor and cleaning the stains on the tiles and bathtub.

For cleaning the toilet seat:

Drop the tablet in the flush tank and wait for 2 minutes to dissolve , then flush for removing bad odor. In case of tough stain removal-drop a tablet in the toilet pot and wait for few minutes. Clean the pot with a brush and soap if needed for removing stains. Flush before use and before cleaning the pot. We take the quality of our products seriously.

ef chlor
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